Monday, May 22, 2017

My Breed of Choice - Rhode Island Red

For my backyard chicken farm, I wanted a breed that is great for egg production. If you've been reading this blog, you must already know that I want to supplement our diets with the eggs from our own chickens. What better way to do that than to select a breed that is ideal for egg production. The Rhode Island Red is my choice specifically for this reason.

Another reason why Rhode Island Red is my choice is has a long production period. The usual duration for peak egg production is about a year. Rhode Island Red has an active period of about one and a half years to two years. It is also a great chicken breed for meat production. Once they are out of their active egg production years, you can use them for their meat. They are a relatively large breed so they have more breed, relatively speaking.

Rhode Island Red Information

Rhode Island Red is a popular American breed of domestic chicken. It is a cross-breed between Oriental chickens and Leghorn birds from Italy. It was bred for both meat and egg production. Today, Rhode Island Red is primarily known for their egg production capabilities. They are considered a popular breed which means that you can get them easily in most pet stores.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Starting Your Own Backyard Chicken

I just started my own backyard chicken. So far, so good. I am actually enjoying the process.

I started this blog for that reason alone. I want to record my journey and keep a journal of some sort.

First Week

For my first week of raising chickens, I got to choose what breed of chicken I want. I specifically chose something that is great for egg production. Rhode Island Red was my choice.

Second Week

I'm in my second week right now. Nothing to note so far but it's looking good. The breed I chose, from what I've read, is really good. My particular hen will produce eggs in about 5 months. I got a one-month old hen so that equates to around 5 months of waiting. Hens usually produce eggs at 6 months.

This should serve as some sort of diary with updates about my backyard chicken journey. I hope you stay with me and stay the course. I want to show people, my readers, that raising chickens can be done by anyone, with or without experience.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Electric Fencing and Poultry Farming

If you are looking for a new hobby or entertainment that is related to agriculture or farming, you should look into poultry farming. Poultry farming is a rewarding hobby because you have many choices in what you can do with the produce of your poultry. You can simply raise chickens to provide eggs and meat for your family. You can also raise them for some extra cash by selling their produce in the market near you. Whatever the case is, you have plenty of options when it comes to poultry farming. If you have certain affinity towards agriculture and some sort of farming, definitely consider poultry farming because not only will it be a fun activity but a rewarding experience as well.

Once you’ve decided to push through poultry farming, you need to do a bit of research first. Dealing with livestock is not easy, and is actually very hard at first. When you first start your foray into poultry farming, you will find that you still have a lot to learn even with all that research you’ve done. This is quite normal.

Learn about your chickens’ housing

If you are serious in poultry farming, you need to learn how to give your hens the perfect housing. Your chickens need to be comfortable if you want them to produce more wholesome and healthier eggs or meat. Remember that the health of your livestock determines their production so keep a watchful eye on the stress level of your poultry animals. Make sure that they are receiving the proper care they deserve.

One of the most important things to look into is their housing because it determines their overall health. The better the housing is, the better their overall health will be. Giving them proper protection is not only ethical but will also result in more production on their part. They are happy and you’re happy, everybody wins using this arrangement. But before you say that what I’ve said isn’t proven, you’re wrong. A lot of studies have been made about the effects of comfort on livestock. It is found that the more comfortable the animal is, the better their produce will be.

Adding protection on your chicken housing

You can find a lot of options when it comes to chicken pens. It depends on your area what kind of chicken pen would work best for your livestock. Some locations are more prone to predators and this would require you to boost the security of your chickens. Electric fencing may be needed if your area is home to known chicken predators like fox, wild dogs, big cats, and more.

What makes electric fencing great is it deters predators from hunting your livestock. After a couple of shocks, most predators won’t even go near the chicken pen again. Sometimes this kind of protection is what you need if you want to truly protect your livestock.

Electric fencing is charged using an energizer that is connected through an earth stake which forms an open circuit. When an animal comes in contact with the netting, the circuit is completed and the animal would get a shock. This usability is what makes electric fencing so versatile. You can even install it in a straight line and it will function just fine.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chicken Tractor – How Different Is It From a Normal Chicken Cage?

You can think of chicken tractors as essentially chicken coops on wheels. This kind of setup allows you to let your poultry move freely across the land while keeping predators away from their cage. The idea is to move the tractor, or chicken pen with wheels, across your backyard or pasture every day, constantly moving it around to ensure fresh vegetation for your poultry.

Chickens would enjoy having access to fresh grass and weeds every day. They would even eat bugs, snails, slugs, and other pests – and this would massively decrease the number of pests on your property. Another benefit of moving them around is they leave their waste behind which fertilizes the soil they’re in. If your backyard doubles as a garden, this added functionality is a great thing.

Why use chicken tractor?

It’s called a chicken tractor because it sorts of functions as a tractor. The constant scratching of chickens’ feet on top of the ground loosens up the soil, which is somewhat comparable to the main function of a tractor. If you are planning on transforming your backyard into a garden but has a wild weed problem, you can install a chicken tractor first. It’s a good way to do pest control and fertilize your lawn at the same time. Just make sure to move the tractor around to avoid getting the ground too dug up.

Where to get chicken tractor plans?

If you are planning on building your own chicken tractor, you can certainly use the help of the internet. There are many available chicken tractor plans there should you go look. You can easily find a design that suits your needs. You can also create your own plan if you have a specific use in mind.

If you don’t have time to build your own tractor, you can always buy one. Buying online is as easy as ever with many companies offering chicken tractors with customization features. The only thing you need to worry about are the dimensions and materials to be used. If you are planning on commercial operations, you will need to spend a bit more since you want to ensure good poultry protection. You need to consider weather proofing your chicken tractor by getting materials that can provide protection from all kinds of weather.

Incorporating nesting area to your tractor

Nesting area is the area where chickens lay their eggs and sleep at night. You want your nesting area to resemble a small shed that is protected from outside weather. The nesting area needs to be more weathertight and more protected than the other parts of your tractor. This is to ensure that your chickens are as comfortable as they could be.

You also need to make sure that predators can’t access the inside of the tractor. Use a smaller hatch or access only fit for the chickens. Some predators know how to open simple locks so definitely keep that in mind.